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How to Get More Speed in Your Pitches

Pitching velocity is an essential aspect of baseball. Pitchers with a high velocity have a significant advantage over their opponents, making it more challenging for the batter to make contact with the ball. Coaches and players often seek ways to improve their pitching velocity through different techniques and drills.

Here are some drills that can help improve pitching velocity:

  1. Plyometric Exercises Plyometric exercises can help improve your leg drive, which is essential in generating pitching velocity. These exercises involve rapid stretching and contracting of the muscles, which helps improve the explosiveness of your lower body. Examples of plyometric exercises include jumping squats, lunge jumps, and box jumps.
  2. Medicine Ball Exercises Medicine ball exercises are a great way to improve your core strength and stability, which is crucial in generating power during the pitching motion. You can perform medicine ball exercises such as overhead throws, rotational throws, and chest passes to improve your core strength.
  3. Resistance Band Training Resistance band training is an excellent way to improve your arm strength and speed, which can ultimately lead to improved pitching velocity. Exercises such as band shoulder rotations, band shoulder presses, and band pull-aparts can help strengthen the shoulder muscles and improve throwing speed.
  4. Long Toss Long toss is an effective way to improve your arm strength and help you throw with more velocity. Long toss involves throwing the ball at a longer distance than usual, which allows you to stretch out your arm and develop greater arm strength. It is important to warm up your arm before performing long toss to prevent injury.
  5. Weighted Baseball Training Weighted baseballs are heavier than regular baseballs and can be used to improve arm strength and velocity. They come in various sizes and weights, and can be used in specific drills to help you develop greater arm strength and speed.
  6. Pitching Mechanics Improving your pitching mechanics can also help improve your pitching velocity. Focus on proper arm action, a strong leg drive, and a smooth delivery to generate maximum velocity. Work with a coach or trainer to identify areas for improvement and develop an effective plan to improve your mechanics.
  7. Mental Training Pitching velocity is not only about physical strength and mechanics, but also about mental preparation. Visualization techniques and mental rehearsal can help you focus on generating maximum velocity during the pitching motion. Visualization involves picturing yourself throwing with maximum velocity, while mental rehearsal involves mentally rehearsing the pitching motion.

In conclusion, improving pitching velocity requires a combination of physical and mental training. Incorporating these drills into your training routine can help you develop greater arm strength, leg drive, and pitching mechanics, which ultimately leads to improved velocity. Work with a coach or trainer to develop a customized training plan that is tailored to your individual needs and goals. With hard work and dedication, you can develop the skills necessary to become a high-velocity pitcher.

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